All foot worship clips in archive 03/2022

157525 - Smell our intense sporty foot scent - small version

Mistress Anfisa and I have been jogging and now we've come back to you. You can surely imagine what awaits you in our running shoes. But what we give your nose to smell now exceeds even your wildest imagination! Come on, put your nose deep into our sneakers and inhale the scent of our feet! Lady Nora or Mistress Anfisa? Whose feet have sweated more and smell much more intensely?You can sniff our socks too and find out who has a more distinct scent to their feet!


184141 - ANGELA, LILY, LORA and SALMA - Two young bitches for MILFs Mistresses (4K)

Today the women decided to get together and have some fun. Lily and Lora invited Angela and Salma to visit them. Lora and Lily were chatting on various topics when suddenly the doorbell rang .. it was Angela, but not alone, but with her slave marina. "I come to you with a gift." - Said Angela and Lily invited her to go into the room. The slave took off her Mistress's shoes and began to serve the women while they chatted on various topics. marina sniffed the socks of her Mistress and after some time the doorbell rang again and it was Salma. Salma brought her new slave avril on a leash and decided to share her with her friends. Angela, Lily, Lora and Salma ordered their young slave bitches to crawl and worship their feet in turn. Women liked to feel the wet tongue of these bitches on their feet. avril and marina competed with each other and diligently worshiped the feet of their Mistresses in order to receive praise from them. Great MILFs foot party!


184143 - EVA and JULIA - Show us your usefulness! (4K)

Me and my friend Julia think that this whore zoe is very useless.. Now we have given her a chance to prove us otherwise. We want to see what she can do. She bows to us and compliments us. She idolizes us and kisses our hands and asses.. Pathetic slut. But I still don't like it! She is ugly! We tell her to worship our feet and she tries her best to lick all the sweat off them. We need to think carefully about whether to leave her or kick her out...Eva..