All foot worship clips in archive 07/2022

27306 - Your first training with the cheese foot mistress

So today it's extreme again! I have really stinky feet, yes cheese feet and they are so wet today. My soles are all sweaty! Your first training as my foot slave starts today. Kneel in front of the table on which I put my legs. Sniff my soles! That's your first task, yes you should now draw these extreme cheesy scents into your nose! Don't look like that, you didn't expect that they smell so strong, go on smelling my soles! I will train you as my smell slave and foot slave. Next, you may kiss my feet and lick my soles more precisely! I can see that you are really making an effort and I commend you for doing it very well! Then you can suck my toes, I'll put them in your mouth! Then I notice that you are a fantastic toe sucker! I'm enjoying this! Because you put so much effort into your first training session, you can kneel in front of me and play with your cock. Yes, I noticed your bulge in your pants right away! Since you're very excited now, I'll count to 5 and then you can just cum!


27307 - Flat slippers toe wiggle show

Today I'm wearing flat slippers. I always slip into the slippers because I like the feeling. I wiggle my toes sometimes. I show you my soles and my feet in the slippers. A feet and slippers show for lovers.